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Fields trials for the construction in raw earth

september 2013

internet publication

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A building construction in rammed earth

july 2013

internet publication

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fragments of a poetry-performance
by the Fées Rosses company
3 min – 2013

cinematography, editing – Jérémie Basset
production – films du lierre

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Jérémie Basset

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“I mainly listen to the deformations”

only in french, without subtitles

52 min – 2003


Roger Viret is working the land and improving his world vision.
He’s listening to the birds and the waves deformations.
He likes to read and the raw vegetables.
But what is he really doing?

A documentary film with Roger Viret, who’s living in an isolated valley in south of France. There he developped an autonomist way of life in harmonie with nature, with no concession.

By this way he managed to apply in every aspects of his life what he learned from many “alternativ” books. He began to immerge himself in this litterature since he abandonned his vocation of catholic priest in 1968.

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older directing works



3 min
prod ENSLL

Opera, street theatre


15 min
prod ENSLL



2 min
prod ENSLL

Disaffected song

(with Gaël Dosso)

7 min
prod University Lyon 2

Orpheus pulsations


6 min
prod CDDP Mâcon

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others works, as technician

2008 Accoster – gaffer & grip, Chaya Film, experimental – 16mm & 35mm, 55 min
2006 Piazza Monteoliveto – cinematographer & assist director, Naples city, video-installation – HDV, 16 min
on the Monteoliveto square, in the old town of Naples (Italy), for « Christmas in Naples » event
screening in loop (3h) on double screen (vertical and horizontal), every evening of dicember 2006
with live music by the Music School of Naples (15 different versions)
conception & direction by Luciano di Rosa


2004 Ces aléas-là – grip, Sensito Film, fiction – 16mm, 3min
2002 L’Amour branque – grip, Sensito Film, fiction – 16mm, 8 min
2002 Un sale coup – camera operator, Sensito Film, fiction – BetaNum, 6 min
2001 La Source bleue – cinematographer, ENSLL, documentary – 16mm, 15 min
2001 Liri – rotating technical team, ENSLL, fiction – 35mm, 11 min
2001 Hiromi – gaffer, Nada Production, fiction – 35mm, 9 min
2000 Il était une fois dans l’est – camera operator, ENSLL, documentary – BetaSP, 16 min
2000 Insolation phonique – rotating technical team, ENSLL, fiction – 16mm, 12 min
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Latrodectus – “that bites secretly”

documentary on a traditional italian music
76 min – 2009

Between humanities and sensitive approach, a research towards the Pizzica, traditional music of south of Italy.

Once a possession dance, it was curing the “tarantated people”, those bitten by the Lycosa Tarantula.

Today, the Pizzica is become the publicised main actress of the summer festivals of the Pouilles region.

In the shadow of suffering or festival fevers, a bite lying in wait.

direction – Jérémie Basset
coauthor – Irene Gurrado
music – Ruggiero Inchingolo

production – les films du lierre
distribution – Rambalh Films
distribution Italy – to state

more info (extracts, music, photos, DVD..)

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october 2009

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some extracts (few minutes) of the documentary

La Taranta
by Gianfranco Mingozzi

and the interviews of
Georges Lapassade – psychosociologist
Giovanna Stifani – maestro Stifani’s daughter
Ruggiero Inchingolo – Stifani’s student, violonist, ethnomusicologist
Roberto Pepe – arachnologist
Gino Di Mitri – phd in medical history of tarentism
Rita Santoro Mastantuono – Salento’s inhabitant

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In the south of Italy,‭ ‬Tarentism was a set of diseases,‭ ‬for which a spider’s bite was considered responsible : the one of tarantula.‭ I‬n Salento,‭ ‬the‭ “‬tarantated‭” ‬people, cure themselves until the‭ ‬50‭’‬s with a possession dance called‭ “‬Pizzica‭” (‬bite‭)‬, ritualized with codified movements, colors and scenography.

This documentary film weaves some links between the records of the daughter of the most emblematic musicians-healers (the maestro Stifani, shown in old documentary while he’s practicing a musical ritual) and the interventions of experts about different aspects of the phenomenon, like the bites of the impressive tarantula and the discreet black widow (whose latin name is « Latrodectus »), the ecstatic music of the tambourine and the violin, cultural meanings of Tarantism, and the possession and dissociation dynamics of the individual.

In margin an inner path is begun towards the silence, towards other identities hidden in oneself, towards some “presence to the world” and ways to face “presence crisis” that human being is confronted during life.

From the‭ ‬90‭’‬s,‭ ‬in the same region, “modernized“ Pizzica came back for many summer concerts with more and more people full of curiosity. Far away from ancient tarantism suffering, a traditionnal and festive savor is blooming there, with this fever who seize sometimes dancers and musicians till the dawn.

The common work of a french director, went away to discover a reality of the pizzica on the spot, and of an italian anthropologist, native from the surroundings of the Salento, committed in an ethnopsychiatrical practice in Paris.

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