les Films du Lierre

audiovisual production company founded by Jérémie Basset, director and cinematographer, graduated by École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière (cinematography master)


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the 5 pages of the website


the films – productions of the “films du lierre” company

Latrodectus – the feature-length documentary Latrodectus – “that bites secretly”

previous films – films by Jérémie Basset made before the “films du lierre” company

lierre / ivy – the ivy essence

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The Beautiful : « das Schöne » [in german], is similar to the verb « scheinen » : to seem.
What is beautiful « seems » (scheint), that is the inner being appears outside.
indeed it’s the Beautiful’s deep nature ; it doesn’t hide itself,
il shows itself on surface, in its external shape, what it is inside.

Rudolf Steiner

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